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Drug lord talks, DEA nabs Woman of the Year: Acento.com.do

Santo Domingo.- U.S. federal agents, based on information from the detainee Ramón Antonio de el Puente Rosario (Toña Leña) apprehended former National Drugs Control Agency captain Raisa de la Cruz Olivares in Puerto Rico, in connection with drug trafficking, acento.com.do reports.

It’s the first report of the arrest of a high profile figure and woman awarded in the Dominican Republic for being one of the DNCD’s most effective and correct officers in the fight against drug trafficking.

De la Cruz was allegedly linked to drug trafficking from her position at the DNCD, and was residing in Puerto Rico when she was questioned and immediately arrested.

The details of her detention figure in the documents of the Federal officials who announced del Rosario’s plea bargaining with the Drug Enforcements Administration (DEA) and U.S. prosecutors, to cut his prison sentence by at least half.

Acento.com.do adds that the prosecutors the New York South District, who interrogated del Rosario several times, revealed how Cruz Olivares was arrested and that she also entered in a plea bargaining in exchange for information, including that she was the lover of one of the directors of the DNCD, who allegedly knew of her criminal activities.

Woman of the year

Raisa de la Cruz Olivares was voted Woman of the Year in 2007 by newspaper Diario Libre.

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