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Dominican Republic antinarcotics officers ‘rat each other out’

Santo Domingo.- U.S. Federal authorities charged former National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) captain Raisa de la Cruz Olivarez of conspiracy and drug trafficking on March 20, and issued a warrant for her arrest that same day.

The latest developments reveal how Dominican Republic antinarcotics officers detained in the U.S. are “ratting each other out,”

Indictment 13-MAG-0772 resulting from the investigation headed by Billy Ralat, says that the New York Southern Office of the District Attorney accuses de la Cruz, and others known and unknown, of distributing and possessing of more than to five kilos ot controlled substances with the intent to distribute around 2006.

The document, cited by outlet eldia.com.do, says that a co-conspirator identified as "CW-1," who pleaded guilty of trafficking drugs in the District of Puerto Rico in September 2010, said that on at least six occasions de la Cruz offered to protect drug shipments airdropped from aircraft along Dominican Republic’s eastern region, a zone under the former officer’s command.

Riding shotgun on operations

"CW-1" said that between 2006 and 2008 he asked the DNCD’s then director of operations, named in the document as "CC – 1," for protection of the drug shipments from South America.

At that time the operations director was Francisco Hiraldo Guerrero, extradited last April charged with drug trafficking.

The informant said that the DNCD senior officer (CC – 1) called de la Cruz to coordinate a secure airdrop for the drug, keeping the area free of police, to pick up the drug unhindered by authorities.

They said on those six occasions, de la Cruz faked operations in the area to intercept the drugs, so it seems that DNCD agents were present while drugs were being airdropped.

"CW-1," who’s collaborating with U.S. authorities, said at that time they didn’t realize that de la Cruz was the former DNCD official, but then learned of it and identified her by photos.

They said that after that event the senior DNCD official, called "CC-1,” arranged the transfer of another high ranking conspirator in the DNCD, called "CC-2" from Santo Domingo to La Romana. In that manner "CC-1", "CC-2" and de la Cruz had control over the entire east region. Each cocaine airdrop protected by de la Cruz weighed 400 kilos.

U$50,000 per load

Another informant, who U.S. authorities identify as "CW-2," said de la Cruz Olivarez (Olivares) occasionally sent DNCD agents to escort the drug brought by another conspirator named ‘CC-6’.

She was paid $ 50,000 for each load

"CW-2", who on 10 occasion helped collect shipments of at least 450 kilos of cocaine brought by "CC-6," said he personally paid to the former officer on one occasion and saw when others paid her.

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