Local October 24, 2013 | 8:57 am

Another Senator slams Antinarcotics

Santo Domingo.- Senator Dionis Sánchez from Pedernales province (southwest) on Wednesday blamed the system of Justice and the National Drugs Control Agency (DNCD) for what he affirms is his region’s stalled tourist development and for the airdrops by drug traffickers along the South coast.

It’s the second ruling PLD party lawmaker to slam the DNCD in as many days, with Peravia province senator Wilton Guerrero on Wednesday accused it of running the country’s biggest drug cartel, and of “being infiltrated, at the service of drug trafficking.”

Sanchez said the south region’s development depends on communication, the dam at Monte Grande and the Barahona-Pedernales coastline.

As to the people who fish for bricks of cocaine known as "Square Grouper," Sanchez said the residents of Pedernales can’t be blamed because in his view, they’ve waited 17 years for the courts to rule on the Bahía de las Aguilas land fraud case, stalling tourism development.

"Let’s not pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, those to blame for drug traffickers using our beaches to airdrop drugs, is justice and the military of the DNCD, who only go to the area to collect tolls," he said.

"It’s the State that doesn’t want to make a political decision to confront the situation to annul the titles for Bahia de las Aguilas, and in that way prevent the airdrop of drugs from continuing in the region."

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