Local October 28, 2013 | 10:49 am

Government starts to look at all births from 1929 to 2007

Santo Domingo.- This week the Central Electoral Board (JCE) started an inventory of all books and records of births registered on time and delayed since 1929-2007, to render a report to the National Immigration Council (CNM) on the number of foreigners listed in the civil register.

The work seeks to comply with the CNM’s 30-day deadline issued October 23 to the JCE to provide the information to carry out the National Regularization Plan, in adherence to Constitutional Court by ruling that orders the start of a registry of irregular foreigners within 90 days.

The JCE announced the start of the registry on Sunday, in which civilians, inspectors, officers and lawyers were instructed how to conduct the work, by secretaries of the boards in offices across the country.

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