Local October 31, 2013 | 10:00 am

Movement calls on government to respect their nationality

Santo Domingo.- The Movement Dominicans for Rights on Wednesday called on government agencies to respect the nationality of Dominicans affected by the Constitutional Court ruling.

It advocates a regulated immigration based on the laws and international norms. "Regularization should be realistic, fair and transparent, but never by the arbitrary stripping of the nationality from a sector of the Dominican population, concealed as if it were a response to the issue of immigration."

They said the ruling doesn’t solve the country’s still pending immigration agenda. "What it really mandates is the snatching of the nationality and makes foreigners four generations of people already registered and recognized as Dominican by the competent authorities."

""How is it possible to take away a nationality we already have to then give us a residence permit as a foreigner in your own country?" the movement asks.

"The enforcement of this ruling could denationalize hundreds of thousands of Dominicans, stripping them of the right to exercise full citizenship."

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