Local November 1, 2013 | 2:59 pm

Chief Deputy calls U.S. lawmakers’ letter to Medina ‘meddling’

Santo Domingo.- Unacceptable meddling and a serious lack of respect is what Dominican Republic’s top deputy called the letter from U.S. lawmakers sent to president Danilo Medina, which asks a halt to the “denationalization campaign.”

Abel Martinez the foreign lawmaker’s statement of "arbitrary and discriminatory" treatment is excessive for Dominican Republic’s sovereign decision, which like the U.S. and other nations have the right to enact its immigration and citizenship policies.

The ruling PDL party deputy from Santiago province said it’s up to the Constitutional Court to defines the criteria of nationality. "We’re a hospitable people, a supportive and open nation; " various human profiles mingle in our formation, and entrenched in just sentiment: Dominicans. We don’t accept nor allow foreign impositions that challenge and violate our sovereignty."

Martínez, speaking in response to newspaper El Nacional’s suggestion that lawmakers should defend the Constitutionals Court’s ruling, added that Dominican Republic “has not and will not" cede its right to establish its immigration policy and criteria on nationality.

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