Local November 1, 2013 | 11:15 am

Dominican Government starts tally of foreigners’ offspring

Santo Domingo.- Two members of the Dominican Government’s Oversight Committee formed to tally the number of offspring of foreigners visited several offices to inspect birth certificate records from 1929 until 2007, staring with the National District 2nd Jurisdiction Office of the Registrar

Adriano Miguel Tejada and Mario Rivadulla visited the Registrar offices located at Doctor Delgado St. corner of 27 de Febrero Av., where supervisor Rosa Martínez explained the process in that district, and revised 300 books of a total of 3,979.

Tejada, who is also the editor in chief of newspaper Diario Libre, said the process is going well and will continue full time, with visits to various offices nationwide.

He said at this early stage the books are reviewed one by one, and when they find an offspring of foreigners, mark that sheet and transfer that information in a form afterwards, to help identify them in the second phase of the inventory.

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