Local November 13, 2013 | 7:51 am

Dominican Republic’s lame duck deputy mayors smack of “reverse feminism”

Santo Domingo.- Of Dominican Republic’s 392 deputy mayors of municipalities and municipal districts, 91 percent have no function, says their national federation, FENAVI.

Guild president Victoria Marte complains the situation "is of concern and institutional fragility reflected in a machismo culture, gender violence, authoritarianism, lack of communication, lack of transparency, lack of consideration, lack of planning and failure to enact public policies, in addition to the violating law 176-07."

According to a study, in addition to the lack of function, 91 percent have no offices, equipment, expendable material, or a place to sit during City Council meetings.

In what is tantamount to “reverse feminism,” the post of “deputy mayor” is reserved only for women, and was formed to comply with the electoral law which sets a side a number of elected posts to women.

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