Local November 13, 2013 | 9:04 am

Haitian thugs fire at border town Police patrol, make death threats(Update)

Montecristi, Dominican Republic.- Alleged Haitian criminals shouted insults and made death threats to a Municipal Police patrol, the second similar incident to take place in the village of Judea, illegally inhabited by hundreds of the foreigners.

The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon when a patrol conducted searches at a bar, near where a Haitian injured one of his compatriots in the back with a machete.

Judea Municipal Police director Santana Almonte said the Haitians resisted the search and threatened to kill them if they continued to interfere with their gambling, drinking alcohol in public and shouting insults against Dominicans.

That same patrol was met with gunfire less than a month ago by groups of muggers who commit all types of crimes in that community, Almonte said, adding that he went to the Border Security (Cesfront) Dept. in Dajabon, but its officers refused to take action.

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