Local November 14, 2013 | 6:06 am

No more businesses with bags of money, Dominican officials warn

Santo Domingo.- The Superintendents of Banks, Pension, Securities and Insurance, the Justice Ministry and other institutions on Wednesday made a proposal aimed at strengthen those agencies and prevent money laundering.

The suggestions submitted to the Anti-money Laundering Committee will be analyzed, refined and presented to the Presidency-appointed Committee to enact a national plan to fight organized crime and money laundering.

Justice minister Francisco Dominguez also suggested having enhanced vigilance and control while conducting transactions with a policy of ‘know your client’.

"The business world must be very careful to keep their legitimate businesses from being contaminated with dirty money… in today’s world doing business without knowing the client, one cannot be enter a bank with bags of money, buying cattle with bags of money or the dealers receiving money without knowing the origin," said Germán Miranda, Deputy Prosecutor and head of the Justice Ministry’s Anti-money Laundering Unit.

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