Local November 19, 2013 | 9:33 am

Probe concludes: Vatican envoy sexually abused 5 Dominican boys

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry on Monday said it concluded the investigation into ousted Vatican envoy Jozef Wesolowski with depositions from five victims.

It said the prelate’s case file and has medical exams were sent to the Vatican, with taped the testimony from some of the victims, as well as statements from the deacon Francisco Javier Occis, who was allegedly aware of the Catholic bishop’s actions and affirmed he had intercourse with Wesolowski.

Among the victims is a boy who is18 years of age today, but was abused for several years when he was a minor.

In his deposition, the deacon said that "he (Wesolowski) apparently smoked and took passes (snorted cocaine). He never did it in front of me. He bought the drug on the street,"

The Pope has the audios by the victims and the versions of the deacon.

Interrogated by the Vatican

In a statement, the Justice Ministry a Vatican envoy sent to the country interviewed Occis, who’s being held for an unrelated sexual assault. It said it provided all the mechanisms to satisfy the Vatican’s request.

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