Local November 19, 2013 | 11:52 am

Former antinracotics official linked to executions off to prison (Update)

San Cristobal, Dom. Rep.- Former Police Lt. Col. Johan Liriano was remanded to the prison at Najayo for three months to await trial on charges in connection with several underworld murders, outlets in the southern city report Tuesday.

Liriano, who was also a senior official at the Drugs Control Agency, is charged with forming part of a ring of hired killers suspected of executing at least 10 rivals and associates.

FILE- Four Colombians and two Dominicans charged with drug trafficking were taken from Najayo prison to the San Cristobal courthouse Tuesday morning, to be questioned by a judge in the arraignment of the recently discharged Police Lt. Col. Johan Liriano, accused of forming part of a ring linked to several underworld murders.

The Colombian brothers Huber and Angel Maria Buitrago and other Colombians and Dominicans were placed in a van at Najayo, escorted under heavy guard by a SWAT agents.

At the courthouse meanwhile San Cristobal prosecutor Diomeris Soto waits for the arrival of Permanent attention judge Jelvin Coury in the courtroom, where an atmosphere of tension reigns.

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