Local November 19, 2013 | 7:05 am

More Dominican troops sent to the border as Haiti protests spread

Santo Domingo.- Spreading protests in recent days against president Michel Martelly and his administration in Port-au-Prince have prompted Dominican authorities to bolster security along the more than 3000 kilometer-border, as well to be on the alert to the internal turmoil in the neighboring country, which UN peacekeepers say is cause for concern.

Defense minister Sigfrido Pared on Monday said the number of border agents and posts has increased, to ensure surveillance in the event of incidents along the rugged region. "Aside from press cables, we have our the authorities on the other side, and provide us with information about the situation taking place, and it’s up to us to alert our units for regional commanders to take precautionary measures and attentive."

He said the number of troops along the border was increased, and security in the main border crossings at Jimaní and Dajabón reinforced, where the binational markets are held Mondays and Fridays.

Thousands of protesters marched in Port-au-Prince yesterday demanding Martelly’s resignation and better living conditions.

Situation in Haiti

Haitian police and UN troops controlled the demonstration, which according to reports by international outlets, some protesters banged on pots and pans to demand food from the authorities. protests were also reported in Cap-Haitien, in Haiti’s north.

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