Local November 19, 2013 | 7:39 am

Ruling could make Dominican Republic the Caribbean’s pariah

Santo Domingo.- Just four months after the Caribbean Community (Caricom) opened its doors to Dominican Republic in Trinidad and Tobago in July, it threatens to close them in reprisal for the Constitutional Court ruling on Dominican nationality.

President Danilo Medina had gone to Port of Spain where he hailed Dominican Republic’s entry into the block a fundamental step to bolster the Caribbean region’s integration.

"I want to stress this. The Dominican Republic comes to you with open arms, with humility and willingness to work. Our Government firmly believes in integration based on the understanding, consensus and mutual aid. We’re talking about neighbors helping neighbors, not to impose interests on each other," the President said then.

But the high Court’s ruling seems to have changed things and shattered relations with Caribbean, which is poised to study the mandate in Port-au-Prince this week, at the request of Haiti president Michel Martelly.

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