Local November 27, 2013 | 7:40 am

Dominican Republic lawmaker: Time to behave like a State

Santo Domingo.- Nationalist conservative FNP party deputy Pelegrin Castillo on Tuesday said the government had better adopt strong convictions on national self-determination to avert meddling from abroad.

The lawmaker’s statement came just hours after the Caribbean Community (Caricom) suspended the country’s application for membership to the regional economic bloc, as the fallout from the Constitutional Court’s controversial ruling on nationality spreads.

Castillo, who forms part of the movement Nationality Defense Network organized to support the ruling, warned that it’s time for the country to surmount colonialism.

He said those charged with managing Nations must have strength, integrity and historical awareness to prevent violations of their Constitution.

Castle acknowledged that his position isn’t easy to enforce, “but we must learn to say no, since anyone who wants to be nice to everyone, ends up badly before history.”

Quoting from Winston Churchill, the pro-government deputy said: "Weakness isn’t the same as treason, but often have the same disastrous consequences."

"I have said it and I repeat it: if we don’t behave as a State we will be treated worse than a colony."

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