Local November 29, 2013 | 4:36 pm

If your husband doesn’t use a condom, divorce him, Dominican official

Santo Domingo.- “Demand that your husband use a condom or divorce him” was the dire warning Friday from HIV-AIDS Council (Conavihsida) director Dr. Víctor Terrero.

He said married women must demand their husband’s use condoms because of Dominican society’s infidelity and also called on the Catholic Church to coordinate a policy for their use with local social and foreign organizations and government agencies to get better results in halting the epidemic.

"What’s ideal to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted diseases is being faithful, but the reality in which we live is very different", said the official in a radio program to mark HIV-AIDS World Week.

Terrero said the HIV epidemic has been “feminized in aggressive manner" because it’s the husband who often brings home the virus.

The official, who affirmed being a sworn defender of the use of condoms, stressed that it’s the only way to prevent HIV-STDs contagion.

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