Local December 2, 2013 | 8:41 am

6,000 more Police agents to secure a ‘Quiet Christmas’

Santo Domingo.- National Police chief Manuel Castro on Sunday said the plan "Quiet Christmas 2013" w ill be launched 9am Monday, when around 6,000 additional agents well as new patrol vehicles will be deployed across the country.

He said "quadrant divisions" will be implemented in Greater Santo Domingo, with a first group of 150 pickup trucks bought last week.

"We are going to strengthen the patrol force. We will train a large number of National Police agents."

Castro, who called the country’s latest spate of street crimes a "plague," reiterated that the Police bolstered its operational capacity nationwide, which he affirms has led to the arrest of thousands of criminals, and hundreds of guns confiscated. "But unfortunately these criminals recover their freedom, in what appears to be a never ending struggle."

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