Local December 9, 2013 | 7:46 am

Dominican Republic forges ahead with ‘racist’ immigration plan

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Immigration Agency will forge ahead with the regularization of aliens despite the Inter-American Human Rights Commission’s (IACHR) scathing report that called “racist,” the Constitutional Court ruling which denies the nationality to thousands of offspring of foreigners, mostly Haitian.

Immigration Agency deputy director Ambioris Rosario, and said it will continue to enforce the law including the issuing of IDs to foreign laborers.

He said one part of the plan to provide identification papers for foreign workers and the other is to regulate undocumented aliens, as the high Court ruling stipulates.

He said in both cases Immigration will continue to identify the foreigners and noted that ID cards were already issued to 106 students, mostly Americans and one Haitian of UNIBE University during a ceremony headed by Immigration director José Ricardo Taveras on Tuesday.

He said 96 students from the United States, six from Puerto Rico, one Cuban-American, one from Trinidad and Tobago and one Haitian-American received their IDs.

In his speech, Taveras said it was a historic and joyous day for the Dominican Republic, since” the issuing of ID cards is an important step to prepare the country for the regularization of foreign migrants."

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