Local December 10, 2013 | 7:26 am

Amid scathing criticism, Dominican Government sticks to its guns

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Government neither violates human rights nor harbors hostility toward any people in the world, said Presidency spokesman, Roberto Rodríguez, in response to the scathing criticism against the country over alleged mistreatment of Haitian nationals.

He said the Dominican Republic is a country of solidarity, of noble people, who "take the food from the mouth to give it to others," noting that the Government will enforce the National Foreigners Regularization Plan, but respecting human rights.

In a National Palace press conference, Rodriguez said the Dominican Government will continue with its Plan enacted by Constitutional Court ruling handed down recently, aimed at naturalizing the people born in the country but who are neither legal residents nor citizens.

"Throughout its history, the Dominican people have been peaceful and with solidarity. The Dominican Republic feels very secure with the position it has assumed and the character it has always had with being a Caribbean country with its own diversity," the official said.

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