Local December 13, 2013 | 8:26 am

Dominican Republic has 668,145 people of Haitian origin: Survey

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s population is 5.4% immigrant,or 524,632 people, says the first national survey of immigrants (ENI) 2012, disclosedby National Statistics Office (ONE) director Pablo Tactuk on Thursday.

Of that total, 458,233 were born in Haiti, or 87.3% ofthe immigrant population, while, 66,399 originated from other countries, for12.7% of the total.

UN Population Fund (UNPHA) Assistant Representative SoniaVásquez says 668,145 people form the population of Haitian origin and 100,638people originate in other countries.

Tactuk, said the ENI results mark a before and after onthe immigration issue. "It’s the first time in the nation’s history thereis reliable, timely, and objective data of the real volume of foreign-bornpeople residing in Dominican Republic."

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