Local December 16, 2013 | 9:12 am

Patriotic groups want those in assassin gaffe punished

Santo Domingo.- Several organizations which fought RafaelTrujillo’s tyranny on Sunday demanded punishment for those who dedicated a graduationof cadets, to one of the dictatorship’s most feared assassins.

"The perpetrator Fernando Sánchez (Tunty) was aviolator of human rights, a criminal who must be tried for crimes againsthumanity," said the entities headed by the patriotic foundations. Sanchez wasRamfis Trujillo’s closest collaborator and former Air Force Chief of Staff.

They also affirmed that “impunity has prevailed in ourcountry, and this has allowed perpetrators to end their days in tranquility,while victims and their families continue under their punishment."

The row came after the Air Force Academy graduation of newofficers on Thursday, at a ceremony dedicated to Maj. Gen. Fernando A. Sánchez,who took part in the murder of several of Rafael Trujillo’s executioners.

The Heroes of Luperon, the Constanza, Maimon and EsteroHondo, Hermanas Mirabal, Heroes of 30 de Mayo, Manolo Tavárez Justo, Testimonio,and the Amaury German Aristy foundations figure among the groups who protestthe measure.

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