Local December 17, 2013 | 1:52 pm

TV anchor’s murder reveals Dominican capital’s cruel, gay underworld

Santo Domingo.- Top fashion designer Jorge Diep on Tuesday said he regrets NCDNTV news anchor Claudio Nasco’s murder on Friday, and revealed having met OscarPérez "Yandel," one of three men charged in the gruesome killing, callingthe suspect “very popular among gays in Santo Domingo.”

"He’s a popular dude among gays, he has a very nicetreatment and is famous for his personal attributes, and has many friends andacquaintances in the circles. He didn’t seem like a criminal so I have no doubt that Claudiowas deceived by him," said Diep on Facebook.

"I unfortunately met Jandel the main killer of Claudio.He came to my house one day with a friend to introduce to me. Since I’m retiredfrom all homosexual practices since the day that I decided to follow Christ, Itold him that I wasn’t interested in his friendship and much less his sexualservices.”

Recent gruesome gay murders

I recent years TV producer Mickey Breton,Dominican Municipal League senior official Víctor Gulias and filmmaker JeanLuis Jorge were also murdered in similar grisly circumstances.

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