Local December 19, 2013 | 10:42 am

Police arrests large group of armed men in confusing incident

Santo Domingo.- A group of heavily armed men rushed into theUnicorp building on Lincoln Av. near Diamond Plaza, to reportedly execute alien Thursday morning, but instead turned into a shootout with police.

No casualties have been reported thus far.

Agents arrived on the scene where police tactical unit commander Rómer Lópezsaid they were informed that the men had gone to execute a lien and hauled off anundetermined amount of money, prior to their arrest and confiscation of severalweapons and all of the cash.

Witnesses quoted by elcaribe.com.do say the group of severaldozen men arrived without a judicial official, shattered items, took money andcell phones from the people in the building, but were met with the police’s strong response.

More details as available…

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