Local December 20, 2013 | 11:43 am

Customs nabs three suitcases full of cell phones stolen in the U.S.

Santo Domingo.- Customs Agency investigators seized threesuitcases full of stolen cell phones smuggled into the country from UnitedStates, on alleged bribes to inspectors now being questioned.

After being notified of the confiscation, U.S. federal agentswill come to Dominican Republic in the coming days to inspect the shipment allegedlysmuggled by to a ring which deals with devices stolen abroad.

Local media report that the ring has been operating for morethan four years and was busted by security services at Las AmericasInternational Airport.

The authorities have yet to specify how many phones wee seizedand their value, and are reportedly under heavy guard by Customs agents.

Customs agents are expected to search shops which activatecellphones, looking for the more than 3,000 cell phones stolen in the U.S. duringthe past four years and which might’ve ended up in Dominican Republic.

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