Local December 24, 2013 | 10:32 am

Dominicans begin yearly exodus to their hometowns

Santo Domingo.– Today, Christmas Eve, marks the last day of an exodus by residents of the Dominican capital toward their hometowns around the country, packing all the buses which return nearly empty.

The managers of the different routes looked optimistic on the business of passenger transportation, with some bus terminals having to triple their fleet to meet the high demand.

Transporte Espinal bus company reported that 20 large 62 passenger buses had departed before noon. The Sichoem syndicate, with routes from Santo Domingo to La Romana, counted 39 departures, with prices of RD$190 and RD$150.

Transporte del Cibao had dispatched 15 buses to the region, with prices of RD$250 to Santiago, and RD$400 to Restauracion, and an average of RD$300 for other stops.

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