Local December 27, 2013 | 9:59 am

Dominican foreign policy in check

Santo Domingo.– The three-month absence, due to health reasons, of Foreign Relations minister Carlos Morales Troncoso, together with the adverse reactions that on the international level have been unleashed by the constitutionalcourt ruling on nationality, have put the Dominican Republic in check regarding its foreign policy.

So far the Foreign Relations Ministry (MIREX) has played a timid role against the attacks from international agencies and institutions that accuse the country of violating the human rights of thousands of offspring of foreigners, mostly Haitianresiding in Dominican territory.

Morales Troncoso is suffering from treatable leukemia, which forced him to receive medical treatment in the United States. His functions were immediately taken on by Jose Manuel Trullos, the Senior Deputy Minister, who stated it was up to the Morales Troncoso’s family to talk about the Chancellor’s health condition.

The absence of the Foreign Relations minister forced president Danilo Medina himself to take over the reins of foreign policy, and taking on the defense of the country on international forums.

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