Local December 27, 2013 | 8:42 am

Environment to monitor operations at Duquesa landfill

Santo Domingo.– It seems the Duquesa landfill operators have found a new place to deposit the garbage, at least up until yesterday at noon, but the situation is still delicate, which has forced the Environment Ministry to maintain strict surveillance and monitoring.

The Ministry said yesterday that it will maintain a strictenvironmental monitoring of the area until there is a definitive solution to the problem.The environmental authorities said the lack of equipment is responsible for the waste system chaos, so they urged the Santo Domingo North City Council to use more equipment.

Barely 300 meters from the dump entrance, garbageis placed almost in the middle of the inside roads, in the first off-loading platform. The second platform is only accessed by trucks in betterconditions and it is nearly a kilometer away.

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