Local December 30, 2013 | 9:48 am

“Whoever messes with Haiti messes with Venezuela,” Maduro says

Santo Domingo.– Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro said that he mediated formore than a month so that the Dominican Republic and Haiti could agree torestart the bilateral talks after the recent Constitutional Court ruling thatoutlines the conditions for citizenship in the Dominican Republic.

“We are unconditional brothers with the Haitian people and whoevermesses with the people of Haiti messes with the people of Venezuela,” Maduropointed out during an interview with Venezuelan newspaper Ultimas Noticias.

Maduro said that Venezuela would appoint a special envoy whoqualifies to “truly” help in the mediation in the Dominican-Haitian conflict,so that “the Haitian people are guaranteed their fundamental rights.”

The Haitians “are our older brothers, they are our dearbrothers, and fortunately the Dominican Republic has shown wisdom and hasestablished a time-line starting now.”

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