Local January 4, 2014 | 12:01 am

Government will dialogue with Haiti without prejudices

Santo Domingo.– Presidencychief of staff Gustavo Montalvosaid the Dominican Commission that will attend the dialogue with the Haitianauthorities will participate "without prejudices and resentments,"always defending the national interest.

According to a statement released bythe National Palace Communications Department (DICOM),Montalvo spoke prior to the meeting the governments of the Dominican Republicand Haiti will hold on Tuesday in Juana Méndez.

"The Dominican Governmentencouraged the desire to build a relationship of trust that allows to worktogether for the welfare of both peoples", said Montalvo. The Presidency chief of staff was confident that dialogue isthe best way of understanding between the two neighboring countries.

Among the topics to be discussed next week are migration,trade, environment, security and natural disasters. The two countries decidedto resume talks after the controversy generated by the 168-13 ConstitutionalCourt ruling.

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