Local January 7, 2014 | 11:21 am

Dominican Republic-Haiti border ‘all calm’ ahead of key talks

Ouanaminthe, Haiti.- All’s calm along theDominican-Haitian border as people from Ouanaminthe and Dajabon, on the Dominicanside, await the start of the meeting slated for today with representatives fromSanto Domingo and Port-au-Prince, to discuss various topics, including thecontroversial ruling on Dominican nationality.

Though the meeting is scheduled for 11am Dominican the stage was still being set at 10am as the commissioners had yet to arrive.

Haitians quoted by local media say the meeting hascreated expectations in Ouanaminthe and hope for a friendly solution to theproblems between the two countries.

Meanwhile Border Security Corps (Cesfront)commander Santo Domingo Guerrero called the situation normal as securityagencies haven’t received reports of any situation that can affect today’smeeting. "For now we can say everything is done within routine."

He added that the dialogue between Haiti andDominican authorities hasn’t affected the border’s normal activities.

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