Local January 8, 2014 | 8:40 am

Opposition party leaders ready to for convention, ‘if reliable’

Santo Domingo.- The factions of former president Hipolito Mejia, Luis Abinader and other opposition PRD party leaders on Tuesday said they’ve decided "by consensus" to attend the announced Convention, “at any time,” as long as it’s headed by a reliable Organization Committee and a balanced registry of its rank and file.

Mejia faction member Enmanuel Esquea, who served as a spokesman after a four-hour meeting at the PRD’s National District offices, said they “have no fear” of a Convention.

“On the contrary, we’ve been the ones who’ve called for the Convention, but a democratic Convention, a Convention to strengthen the PRD, not a Convention to deliver the PRD to (former president) Leonel Fernández, (president) Danilo Medina and the PLD (ruling party), which is what Miguel Vargas seeks to do," he said.

"We’re ready and willing to attend, at any moment, regardless of the date, because we’re ready, provided that -we insist- on a reliable registry and a balanced Commission, with democratic rules," Esquea said.

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