Local January 9, 2014 | 9:11 am

U.S. drops 15 of 41 extradition requests for Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- U.S. authorities withdrew the extradition requests for two accused of homicide in New Jersey, which brings the number to 15, of 41 processes submitted in 2013.

Andreano González and José Mejía are no longer wanted by U.S. authorities, according to the U.S. Embassy’s documents submitted to the Foreign Relations Ministry.The two are charged in the murder of Teodoric da Silva, in the town of Eden.

"Both the State Department and the Department of Justice (DOJ/OIA) have closed this case," the repeal says, quoted by outlet diariolibre.com.

Also repealed were the extradition requests for Mateo Holguín Ovalle, Ramiro Alfredo Almánzar, Michel Cabrera, Manuel Aladino Suero, Domingo Antonio Febles, José Cruz Cruz, René Familia, Francisco Albuquerque Fortuna, Josué Torruellas and José Vásquez, all charged with conspiracy to smuggle drugs in various U.S. courts.

Meanwhile the charge of murder was dropped against Bartolo Paula.

Among those wanted in the U.S. who decided to surrender figure Yvan Tineo Paulino, alleged leader of the Cibao cartel; Emerson Daniel Guzmán; Darling Luicano Durán; Juan Rafael Mota Cedeño; Francisco Hiraldo, former head of the Antinarcotics Agency DNCD operations; Francisco Cedeño; Hector Gonzalez; Fausto Diaz; Eduardo Alex Barina; Ivelisse Castillo; Johnny Cedeño; James Medrano and Wilkins Lopez.

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