Local January 10, 2014 | 7:53 am

Dominican Republic’s opposition party internal crisis festers

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s major opposition party (PRD) Thursday failed in yet another attempt to surmount its crisis that has kept it divided for three years.

Two negotiating commissions representing PRD president Miguel Vargas, and former president Hipólito Mejía and Luis Abinader failed to agree on an agenda proposed after a meeting on Tuesday.

The debated points were disclosed Thursday night.

Peggy Cabral and Eduardo Jorge, representing Vargas at the meeting, slammed Mejía’s faction for in their view, wasting another opportunity at compromise, after receiving a proposal from senior leaders of the former chief executive’s faction.

"We have not sought any meeting with former president Hipolito Mejia,..who stated his willingness to reach a compromise with the party’s institutional leadership," said Cabral and Jorge in a press release.

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