Local January 10, 2014 | 8:11 am

Haiti acknowledges Dominican sovereignty, ‘no cause to celebrate’

Santo Domingo.- Deputy Pelegrin Castillo warned Thursday that the fact that Haiti acknowledges Dominican Republic’s sovereignty on nationality and immigration, should never be cause to celebrate.

The National District Deputy said the country’s foreign policy achievement will be for Haiti to assume its inexcusable obligation to provide document to its citizens and their descendants, “as any responsible State must do.”

Castillo said Dominican Republic must demand an effective control of the border from Haiti and the Minustah Peace Keepers, to reduce the illegal flow of migrants into Dominican Republic.

“Dominican Republic should place those goals within its priorities on the agenda with Haiti, and demand that the international community do its part so the neighbouring State can effectively comply with these obligations," said the senior leader of the nationalist minority party, FNP.

“The gross campaigns of lies and mystifications, accusing Dominican Republic of de-nationalizing and promoting statelessness, actually has its origin in the primary and destabilizing fact caused by the structural crisis that affects Haiti for decades, which massively expels its population, which is also devoid of identity and nationality documents,” Castillo said.

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