Local January 11, 2014 | 7:59 am

Foreigners Regularization Plan is a priority

Santo Domingo.– Dominican Republic’s National Immigration Council declared as a high priority the regularization of temporary foreign workers involved in domestic production according to the Foreigners Regularization Plan established by decree 237-13.

The decision is included in Law 01-14, through which the National Immigration Council requested the Foreign Relations Ministry (MIREX) to issue a temporary visa category as stipulated in the General Immgration Law 285-04.

The statement was greeted immediately, and MIREX reported Friday that the Temporary Worker Visa has already been enacted, which may be issued to aliens who have a job offer in a company registered in the country.

The Foreign Ministry said that the visa, whose symbol will be VTT, has the validity of one year, with one or multiple entries, according to the duration of the contract.

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