Local January 14, 2014 | 12:10 pm

Cardinal Lopez again slams Dominican Republic’s critics

Santo Domingo.- All that’s being said against Dominican Republic’s attitude toward Haiti in the wake of the high court ruling is unfair and unacceptable, but “we need to talk before fighting.”

The statement by Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez came after he officiated a mass to mark the Superior Electoral Court’s (TSE) 2nd anniversary, and reiterated that there’s an “absolutely unfair attitude” against the Dominican Republic.

"All those countries starting with United States have done one fourth of what Dominican Republic has for done for Haiti. It’s unfair and unacceptable everything they are saying against us," the prelate said.

The Cardinal’s sharp rebuke of those who question Dominican Republic’s position regarding undocumented Haitian immigrants prompted author Mario Vargas Llosa, among others, to ask Pope Francis for his ouster.

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