Local January 15, 2014 | 10:48 am

Canadian women say hotel employee, ‘roughed them up’(Update)

Santo Domingo.- New outlet tbnewswatch.com reports on the response by the hotel Bahia Principe, to previous information below:

“Management of a Dominican Republic resort, which is now the center of controversy after two local women were allegedly attacked while on vacation there, has broken its silence.”

Quoting a post on the travel website TripAdvisor.ca, “a person using the name Johanny Arvelo responded to a review posted by one of the women who says she was attacked by a bartender while vacationing at the Bahia Principe San Juan resort.”

The person claimed to be associated with the four-star resort and the review has since been removed. But before being removed, the response provided a different account of events.

“We do not have any record of this serious allegation against the hotel staff and the situation you described.”

File.- A Canadian news outlet reports Wednesday that two women from Thunder Bay, Canada, were allegedly “ roughed up” and shot at in January while vacationing at a resort in Bahia Principe, San Juan, northeastern Dominican Republic, a claim the major hotel denies.

The Chronicle-Journal reports that one of the women, Chelsey, 22, who didn’t want her last name used, “said she screamed for help around suppertime on Jan. 3 when a male bartender at the resort forced his way into their room and attempted to sexually assault her friend in the bathroom.”

“The women described a harrowing scene in which one of them was grabbed naked from the shower and thrown into the main room, while a man in his early 20s tried to have his way with her,” the outlet said.

But the hotel denies the women’s allegation. “What I am saying is that what they say happened is absolutely not true,” said Bahia Principe San Juan hotel manager Marta Cabrillo on Monday. The 900-room resort is about 80 kilometers east of Puerto Plata.

“Cabrillo’s denial is at odds with what the two women have related about an ordeal they say occurred at the seaside resort during the first of week of January,” The Chronicle-Journal reports.

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