Local January 15, 2014 | 11:23 am

Dominican Police busts ring smuggled immigrants to U.S., Europe

Santo Domingo.- The National Police on Wednesday announced the bust of gang which smuggled immigrants to the United States and Europe with forged American and European Union passports with stolen visas. The group also filled forged residency cards.

In a sting operation, Anti-organized crime unit agents in coordination with the Immigration Agency, the traffickers busted charged the undocumented travellers as much as 15,000 dollars, and had accomplices working in several Dominican airports.

Rafael Federico Pérez, Rafael Henriquez Feliz, Rosa Reinoso, Elizabeth Reinoso Peralta, Yolanda Cedeño and Gregorio Peralta Ortiz were arrested in the sting.

The Police also named José Nicanor Vallejo, Bienvenido Guerrero and Ricardo Mejia as persons who “played important roles in the alleged human trafficking ring.”

Police chief Manuel Castro provided the information in a press conference accompanied by Immigration director José Ricardo Taveras.

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