Local January 23, 2014 | 7:29 am

Agents seize 1,250K cocaine near Dominican Republic’s southeast

Santo Domingo.- A shipment of 1,250 kilos of cocaine was seized Wednesday evening on a speedboat in international waters heading to Saona Island in Dominican Republic’s south easternmost point, with three Colombians and one Dominican arrested in connection with the case.

British antinarcotics agents and U.S. Coast Guard units based in Puerto Rico took part in the interdiction, while the National Drugs Control Agency was kept abreast of the operation conducted 5:15pm Wednesday, when four suspects were spotted aboard the craft traveling from South America, with 42 bales of cocaine.

DNCD spokesman Miguel Medina said four men have been arrested, with the group’s alleged leader, Colombian national Gallardo Gonzalez Limberto the only one identified thus far.

Medina said the U.S. Coast Guard out of Puerto Rico kept the DNCD in constant contact while the speedboat was headed for the Dominican coast, between San Pedro de Macoris and Saona Island.

The drug and the four men were immediately taken to Tampa, Fl, to be brought up on charges.

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