Local January 23, 2014 | 7:59 am

U.S. snowstorm strands more than 2,000 travelers at local airports

Santo Domingo.- More than 2,000 passengers were left stranded at airports Las Americas, in Santo Domingo, and Luperón, in Puerto Plata, after several flights to U.S. cities were cancelled, as a snowstorm swept across the U.S. northeast.

Airport authorities said 22 Dominican Republic-U.S. flights have been cancelled or delayed since Tuesday, while the airlines notify travelers to verify their booked flights prior to heading to the airport.

Flight cancellations and suspensions left at least 2,000 travelers stranded in Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata, according to unofficial figures from some airlines and the Immigration Agency at Las Americas.

Dozens of Dominican travelers headed to their country from New York, New Jersey and Boston were also left stranded yesterday on the suspension of flights to Dominican Republic.

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