Local January 23, 2014 | 12:44 pm

Xstrata Nickel bribes lawmakers, journalists, officials: Senator

Santo Domingo.- La Vega senator Euclides Sanchez on Thursday accused Xstrata Nickel’s Dominican Republic operation (Falcondo) of bribing lawmakers, journalists, and Government officials, which he didn’t identify, to mine Loma Miranda (central).

He said the mining company is trying to buy consciences and cited Industry and Commerce minister Jose del Castillo, who he affirms despite being aware of the UN’s negative report on Loma Miranda, has publicly supported the exploitation.

He said Falcondo is pressuring everybody, and called on lawmakers to stand firm and preserve Loma Miranda as a natural heritage. “Lawmakers are there to defend the people’s interests and the people decided that Loma Miranda will not be exploited.”

Denis pressure

Peravia province senator Wilton Guerrero denied receiving pressure, and much less would he accept it from any sector. "No one has approached me to offer me anything and I don’t think they’d dare, because pigs don’t scratch on thorns."

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