Local January 24, 2014 | 11:21 am

Top official ‘bites the hand that feeds him’ on political party law

Santo Domingo.- In a “bite the hand that feeds you” repeat, one of the most senior leaders Dominican Republic’s ruling PLD party on Friday called Central Electoral Board –JCE- president Roberto Rosario’s statements Organization slammed the for failing to pass the law on political parties “foolish, inappropriate and lacking tact.”

Euclides Gutierrez said Rosario shouldn’t opine on the issue. "Those are not his functions, he shouldn’t issue an opinion on this and much less blame the party of which he’s a member and which put him on the post," the said official.

He called the law on political parties "nonsense" and that he’d be the first to oppose passing the legislation. "Are there laws on parties in France or England or the United States? No, then why do they want to impose a law on parties here, that creates more bureaucracy and ball of yarn."

The also Insurance Superintendent and PLD cofounder was interviewed prior to a ceremony held at the National Palace.

Rosario blamed the ruling party for stalling the bill in Congress and demanded that president Danilo Medina keep his campaign promise to promote the legislation.

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