Local January 25, 2014 | 1:59 pm

Dominican immigration plan will protect all, ambassador says

Washington.– The United States isn’t the only nation in the Americas grappling with the challenges of immigration reform and the complexities of addressing undocumented people living within its borders, Dominican ambassador to the United States Anibal de Castro said in an article published in the American newspaper Miami Herald.

"As U.S. lawmakers have learned, there is no simple solution or policy fix.This issue has become front and center in the Dominican Republic, where a Constitutional Court ruling on citizenship sparked a heated debate among regional governments and civil societies, as well as among Dominican and Haitian communities in South Florida," de Castro said.

According to the ambassador, the challenges the Dominican Republic faces to abide by the ruling and implement a clear and transparent immigration policy are not much different than those confronting the United States.

"Unfortunately, much of the debate about the Dominican Republic’s approach has been characterized by inaccurate or imprecise information. Rumors, which are untrue, abound of deportations and de-nationalizations (neither has happened)," he stated.

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