Local January 29, 2014 | 9:11 am

‘It’s suicide’ if drug trafficker returns to the country

Santo Domingo.- The Senate’s Advisor on national security revealed Tuesday that if drug trafficker Quirino Paulino returns to the Dominican Republic, he’ll lose the privileges in the secret plea bargaining agreement with U.S. prosecutors.

The also journalist Rafael G. Santana said his sources affirm that Paulino’s pact with the U.S. Dept. of Justice stipulates that if a beneficiary travels to their country, their protection and visa are automatically repealed, and opens a new investigation into the charges.

He said the so-called re-socialization or protection program for convicted drug traffickers include issuing a visa, housing, change of identity, passports, and other facilities for relatives.

In Paulino’s 18 of his close relatives obtained U.S. visas and are living in the U.S.

If he decides to return, Paulino could face retaliation from Colombian and Mexican cartels, his former suppliers of the cocaine smuggled into the Caribbean nation.

According to U.S. sources quoted by elnuevodiario.com.do, Paulino’s cooperation led to the arrest, extradition and prosecution of key drug lords, in addition to disrupting their supply routes. “In these conditions it would be practically suicide for Quirino to come to the Dominican Republic."

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