Local February 1, 2014 | 9:07 am

Relations between Hipolito Mejia, Miguel Vargas deteriorating

Santo Domingo.– Relations between Dominican Republic’s opposition party PRD Miguel Vargas and former president Hipolito Mejia are experiencing such a deterioration that they no longer are on speaking terms.

The PRD leaders visited yesterday morning the Blandino funeral home on Lincoln Av to offer thier condolences to the relatives of PRD deceased founder Angel Miolan on the death of his widow Maria Carmen Palacios.

Mejia arrived at Blandino when Vargas was giving statements to reporters, but ignored him and continued walking. "I will not meet with him, because afterwards he says things I’ve never said. My group and his group are the ones who meet and if they come to an agreement, then we sing it. I respect myself," Mejia pointed out.

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