Local February 4, 2014 | 11:39 am

Dominican Republic-Haiti talks lift ban on chickens, eggs

Santo Domingo.- Among the key agreements reached by Dominican Republic and Haiti on Monday figure the lifting of Port-au-Prince’s ban on the import of poultry products from its neighbor, in addition to the other pacts on agriculture.

Dominican Presidency chief of staff Gustavo Montalvo and Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe read the joint document at the border town of Jimani past 1am Tuesday, after the second round of talks which began in January and set to resume March 12 in Haiti.

The agreements presented to the press include lifting the ban on Dominican poultry products that may enter Haiti again after passing quality controls in the Dominican Republic.

Haiti Agriculture minister Thomas Jacques and Dominican counterpart Luis R. Rodríguez signed the pact which calls for the imports of poultry products that can prove are free of bird flu, and guarantees that eggs and birds have gone through a quality control process to rid them of any contamination or pathogens.

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