Local February 4, 2014 | 1:05 pm

Prominent environmentalists slam US$400M cross mountain road

Santiago.- .-The Cibao Ecological Society of (SOECI) on Tuesday said it’s opposed to the construction of the Cibao(north)-South highway along the route the Government has outlined thus far, which is near the city of San José of the Matas, claiming it would harm the area’s ecosystem and eliminate dozens of streams and aquifers, among other environmental damage.

In an open letter to president Danilo Medina, SOECI president Víctor Medrano said he should reflect on his decision to start road’s construction, and avert serious damages."We’re writing to draw your attention to the environmental damage that would result in the construction of the Cibao-South highway along the stretch that has been decided so far/"

He said the potential damages include the invasion of protected areas such as three national parks, as well as damage to more than 100 tributaries, more than 1,500 square kilometers of protected forests, and impacts on soil stability and biodiversity. “It will also cause a negative atmospheric impact by decreasing carbon sequestration in forests eliminated, increasing gas greenhouse and damage to the ozone layer.

Medrano, accompanied by SOECI executive Olmedo Adames, added that the highway’s cost, estimated at more than US$400 million, wouldn’t be recovered in many years.

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