Local February 6, 2014 | 9:16 am

Former Miss Ohio slams justice system which ‘mocks’ her

Santo Domingo.- Former Miss Ohio Sandra Kurdas on Wednesday slammed Dominican Republic’s justice system, which “mocks” her and protects her ex-husband, cable TV mogul Frank Jorge Elías, on trial on charges of physical and psychological abuse .

She said Jorge violates his release on bail. "While I have to be away from my children and grandchildren and my house, my husband mocks justice by traveling around the world."

On Twitter Kurdas said her husband went to Europe to ski using a business permit for Panama and El Salvador, while the Justice Ministry "has refused to provide copies of the passport showing that the trips weren’t made to the places requested.”

She added that she cannot remain silent against what she considers an injustice. "The only thing I have is my voice. Even if they keep trampling me I’ll continue denouncing."

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