Local February 18, 2014 | 3:04 pm

Dominican Republic Protestants stoke anti-gay fray

Santo Domingo.- Protestant church leader Domingo Paulino Moya on Tuesday said US Ambassador James "Wally" Brewster’s meeting with leaders of the gay community, is the start of a plan to seek a same-sex marriage law in Congress.

The also head of theJesus Health and Eternal Life Ministry said when Brewster arrived he promised to bolster Washington-Santo Domingo ties, and not promote the legality of same-sex unions.

"Its civic leadership together with the country’s broader Christian community are aware of these plans and prepares a great civic battle in all fronts, to uphold the principles of Christian faith in which the Dominican nation is built on," the reverend said in a statement.

"Any political leader who supports these attempts will pay a high political price because the country’s mostly Christian population will not support those plans," he said.

He said President Danilo Medina must "state his position clearly” to avert “confusion on this delicate issue” and send a message to the Christian community and the country that his administration “respects the Dominican people’s essential awareness."

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