Local February 19, 2014 | 5:18 pm

Dominican Republic’s politics needs ‘urgent’ cleanup: Bishops

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Catholic Bishops (CED) on Wednesday said the country’s political exercise needs an "urgent" cleanup and urged Congress to pass the law on political parties, to cast aside cronyism and to orient them toward the common good, integral development and the construction of social peace.

in their traditional message to mark Independence Day on February 27, this year entitled "The value of political life," the bishops regret the lack of a project of nation agreed by all parties and social forces prioritizing those elements that best contribute to progress and well-being.

“We must return to the national dialogue, systematize the political and civic education in schools and universities, and which functions for a real separation of government powers,” they said.

After citing a history of political life since Plato’s era, the prelates affirmed to promote the common good and the public interest is above the self-interest, for which everyone must make an effort to live with order, with work and savings.

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